Bankruptcy: a New Life Chapter

Each year, more than 1.5 million Americans file for bankruptcy, along with thousands of businesses. If you are in over your head with debt, are receiving harassing phone calls and collection letters, or are being threatened with repossession, our skilled legal team at Skow Law Firm is here to help. Bankruptcy laws are in place in order to provide individuals with an opportunity for a fresh start. At Skow Law Firm, our extensive knowledge of the law and years of experience make us the go-to firm for all of your bankruptcy law needs.

There are two kinds of bankruptcy:

 Chapter 7: Eliminating consumer debt (credit cards) while keeping your car and home
 Chapter 13: Reorganize your debt over time under a supervised plan while still receiving a discharge

Skow Law Firm will help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you, what kind of bankruptcy is best for you, and what your rights are moving forward.

Take a look at how our bankruptcy law services can assist you:

 End harassing collection agency calls once and for all.

Once our team has filed your bankruptcy petition in court, the creditors have to stop contacting you. Immediate correspondence will be sent to each individual creditor that you list, demanding they stop harassing you. This obligation to cease is required by law and is enforced by the court systems. And if a creditor happens to contact you for any reason, all you need to do is provide your case number and filing date and they will immediately update their record and cease collection action against you.

 Stop the foreclosure process in its tracks.

If you are at risk of having your property foreclosed upon or if you are in foreclosure already, bankruptcy may be able to provide you with some relief. Many who face foreclosure seek solace in bankruptcy, including homeowners who have homes worth less than the amount owed.

 Protect your personal possessions from repossession.

If you are at risk of having your truck, boat, car or any other precious asset repossessed, bankruptcy may be able to provide you with relief by preventing the repossession from transpiring.

 Know your rights when it comes to IRS & Back Taxes.

Interest and penalties from the IRS add up quickly. Because of this, many people find themselves in over their head with debt due  to these accumulating back taxes. However, you have a number of options — particularly through the utilization of bankruptcy laws. Let one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys help you to determine your rights and how bankruptcy laws can protect you.


If you’re looking to know more about how our bankruptcy lawyers can help you, call us today at 386-310-4894 for your free consultation.